[ELDK] Yaffs2 file system does not compile in the latest stable versions of the kernel

Jean-Loup Sabatier Jean-Loup.Sabatier at jdsu.com
Tue Jul 1 14:07:39 CEST 2008

Good Morning,

I'd just like to report a problem with a Linux version downloaded from
the Denx's Website:

We downloaded the stable version to upgrade the kernel for our embedded
software (running on a 440EP processor). We tried the: "DENX-v2.6.25.4
DENX release", and then, we tried the (that was the
latest stable version at the time of our download).

When one takes this distribution and adds the YAFFS2 file system support
(with "make menuconfig": File Systems>Other Files Systems>Yaffs2
[compiling as a module]), the kernel does not compile...

The following extract from fs/yaffs2/yaffs_fs.c uses the field

static struct file_operations yaffs_file_operations = {
            .read = do_sync_read,
            .write = do_sync_write,
            .aio_read = generic_file_aio_read,
            .aio_write = generic_file_aio_write,
            .read = generic_file_read,
            .write = generic_file_write,
            .mmap = generic_file_mmap,
            .flush = yaffs_file_flush,
            .fsync = yaffs_sync_object,
            .sendfile = generic_file_sendfile,

However, the field sendfile is not anymore part of the description of
the "struct file_operation" since the version 2.6.23 (the struct
file_operation is defined in the source file include/linux/fs.h).

Best regards,

Jean-Loup Sabatier

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