[ELDK] ELDK with x86 target

Dave Rensberger David.Rensberger at ambientcorp.com
Thu May 22 17:14:07 CEST 2008



This seems like it might be a common question, but I couldn't find
anything in the archives.


My company has 2 products on which we'd like to use the DENX 4.2 linux
distro.  One of these is a PPC board (AMCC Kiluea), which appears to
already be well supported as a target.  The other is an x86 (Geode)
board.   This board does have a slightly customized BIOS, but from
Linux's prespective, it should look like a regular PC, with a much
smaller (256Mb Compact Flash) hard drive.   


I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience in trying to use
the DENX RPM's on x86.   I realize that I could just go get the
analogous Fedora 4 RPMs, compile them using the host compiler on a
Fedora 4 distro, and effectively have the same thing, but I'd really
prefer to do this in a way that's more similar to how we'll be building
the PPC distro.  


I guess I'd ideally like to build the x86 target with a cross complier,
even though the target and the host are both x86-linux.  It just seems
like cross-compiling will insulate the build process from the
configuration of the host machin, but maybe I'm just being stodgy and
"old-fasioned" on this issue...I'm still not terribly well versed in
this RPM way of doing things.  I come from the more traditional world of
embedded development (VxWorks and uClinux), where building a target is
simply a matter of cross-compiling a bunch of source code from one top
level makefile.


Any thoughts on the best way to do DENX on both of these platforms would
be appreciated.



Dave Rensberger

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