[ELDK] Recommended embedded distributions for Coldfire

Michael Walton mike at farsouthnet.com
Thu May 22 18:36:19 CEST 2008

Hi Jim

> Probably slightly off topic for this list, sorry ...
> I have been using ELDK for ppc for a while, and have been impressed with
> the quality of the distribution (and by the level of support you guys
> seem to provide).
> We are moving to Coldfire+MMU (saving money), and I am looking for a
> distribution of similar quality.  ltib from Freescale does not seem to
> be as active as ELDK.  ucLinux is for nommu.
> Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
> --jim
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I had a similar choice to make, being a long time ELDK user and starting a
new project with a different Freescale device, in my case the ARM11 based
i.MX31 (a very cool device, btw). 

I agree with your comments on the quality of ELDK. I went with Freescale
ltib, and so far I am quite impressed. It takes a fairly similar approach to
ELDK, also using RPM and shipping with pre-compiled tools, libraries and

I wonder if there isn't an opportunity to converge the two :-) Just kidding.

Mike Walton
Far South Networks

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