[ELDK] ELDK with x86 target

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu May 22 21:39:39 CEST 2008

Dear Dave,

in message <B7BC4CB64CA090478F283BA589292737175CA3 at abtg-mail.ambientcorp.com> you wrote:
> Thanks for your quick response.  I'd love to help you start an x86
> target project, but unfortunately my company's x86 product is a legacy
> product that we may never even need to upgrade.   Given that, it's hard
> to justify the effort that would be required to create a real cross

Yes, I can understandyour situation. I've heard that before...

> compilation environment, so I think I'll probably go with the
> quick-and-dirty approach of building Fedora 8 packages on a Fedora 8
> host.

Why building? Just install the original binary RPMs from the F8
distro, or install the full F8 on a (virtual) host.

> Also, when you say that 4.2 is based on Fedora 8, I assume that you're
> referring to the packages that make up the ELDK4.2, but not the
> environment to build ELDK4.2, right?   My experience from the past few


> days has lead me to believe that if you want to build ELDK4.2 from
> scratch, you're still best to go back to a Fedora 5 distro.  I'm not

Yes, unfortunately this is true.

I am aware that at the moment this restrictive build  environment  is
the biggest problem we have with the ELDK - if it was easier to build
in any (ar lat least more) of the recent standard Linux distros, more
people  would  build  it  and thus come into the position to actively
contribute code.

In my opinion the build script is the showstopper number one which
prevents ELDK from getting more community support.

> sure I have any reason to build from scratch anyway...  I think I
> immediately jumped in and tried to do that because of my "traditional"
> embedded build process mindset.

It's aperfectly reasonable approach, I think.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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