[ELDK] ELDK with x86 target

Dave Rensberger David.Rensberger at ambientcorp.com
Thu May 22 22:14:05 CEST 2008

>> compilation environment, so I think I'll probably go with the
>> quick-and-dirty approach of building Fedora 8 packages on a Fedora 8
>> host.
>Why building? Just install the original binary RPMs from the F8
>distro, or install the full F8 on a (virtual) host.

I meant to say "installing"... like I said before, this concept of using
things that are pre-built, rather than building the entire world from
source is sort of new to me.   I still think that the uClinux way of
doing things is better for really small and heavily customized devices,
but for something like my current company is doing (we're not terribly
constrained by storage space, and our customers want something that
looks more like a "normal" Linux distro), the ELDK model seems like it
may be the way to go.


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