[ELDK] OpenJDK and Other Questions

Jason Hanna jason.m.hanna.at.coincident at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 16:34:22 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I'm starting new company here in the US and intend to produce low-cost
energy efficiency devices and for consumers and businesses.

I'm currently evaluating the PowerPC architecture (AMCC Kilauea,
Sequoia), embedded GNU Linux, and the ELDK to determine how suitable
this combination may be for my desired software stack.

I'm certainly no Linux guru, but I (and the teams I've managed) have
been using Unix and Linux flavored operating systems for a number of

You guys at DENX certainly seem to have put together a nice package
based on my initial impressions. I've just finished setting up a
cross-development environment with DHCP/DDNS/TFTP/NFS using ELDK 4.2.

I have a couple questions that you can hopefully answer:

1.) OpenJDK - I'd like to get OpenJDK running on my target platforms.
Is anybody currently working on such an effort or interested in doing
so? General comments on suitability of these platforms for running

2.) Community Size - I'm hoping someone can provide some information
about the number of users/companies actively using ELDK (and perhaps
more generally AMCC processors). I was looking at the ELDK mailing
list archives and was a little surprised there weren't more postings.
Don't get me wrong - I think you guys have a very nice offering.  It's
important to me because I'd like to be confident the platform choices
I'm making have a viable and sustainable community of users,
developers, etc.

3.) Documentation - Good set of online docs. Section 8 seems to be
missing content, however. Any pointers to other good reading
materials/resources you guys would recommend (specific to Building and
Using Modules)?



Jason M. Hanna
Founder, Coincident, Inc.

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