[ELDK] Debian Lenny Install on AMCC 405EX (Kilauea)

Jason Hanna jason.m.hanna.at.coincident at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 23:50:21 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I'm a little stuck on my Debian (Lenny) install.

My goal is to run Lenny on my AMCC 405EX Kilauea board with an
NFS-mounted root file system served from my Lenny (AMD64) development
host. Ideally I'd like to do this without attaching a CD/ROM or
additional storage device to my Kilauea.

I've taken a look at several of the application notes posted on
denx.de and thought the best approach would be similar to the one
described at:

Briefly summarized, here's what I did:

* Install and Setup ELDK on AMD64 Host
* Configure AMD64 Host as TFTP and NFS Server
* Download Linux 2.6.26 Kernel Source
* Prepared .config Using 40x/kilauea_defconfig
* Enabled CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION in .config for Floating Point Emulation
* Cross-Compiled Kernel
* Cross-Compiled FTD Blob
* Downloaded Lenny Net Install ISO
* Extracted ISO Install Files to NFS Subdirectory
* Used mkimage to Convert initrd.gz to U-Boot Supported Ramdisk
* Copied Ramdisk, uImage, and FTD Blob to TFTP Directory
* Modified and Added U-Boot Environment Variables
* Successfully Booted to Install Screen
* Selected Language and Country
* Error Out at CD-ROM Configuration (Skipped)
* Configured Network
* Exit to Shell

This is the point where I get stuck. When I attempt to mount my NFS
directory using the following command:
mount -o nolock -t nfs <nfs-svr-ip>:<nfs-mnt> /somedir

BusyBox returns the following exception:
mount: mounting <nfs-svr-ip>:<nfs-mnt> on /somedir failed: Invalid Argument

I can mount the same NFS directory from other systems and I've
confirmed (using wget) that my Kilauea does have network access. No
related errors or exceptions are found in /var/log/syslog.

I'm speculating that the compiled version of BusyBox included with my
Lenny Install might not be configured to allow NFS mounts? I'm
guessing I could probably find the config options in the Debian source
tree, but I'm not exactly sure where exactly to look.

Plus I'm not sure the Lenny Installer will let me select this as an
installation medium even if I successfully make the NFS mount? The
options differ from the ones mentioned in the application note
referenced above.

Any suggestions or alternative approaches are greatly appreciated.


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