[ELDK] ELDK questions (compared to Emdebian)

Brendan Simon (eTRIX) Brendan.Simon at etrix.com.au
Wed Apr 1 01:48:39 CEST 2009

As I am a Debian user, I have been researching Emdebian as an embedded 
linux distribution and development environment.  The work is quite good, 
but is still evolving.  It has one variant (Grip), which is based on 
"filtered" Debian binary packages, and the target rootfs is a minimal 
Debian system (which requires perl, apt, etc).  This should be very 
usable and robust as it is real Debian (without docs and some 
unnecessary packages).

The only problem I have is that the generated rootfs has to be executed 
on the target device _before_ the first boot.  e.g. via some kind of NFS 
mount and execute a second-stage script.  This is to "configure" various 
aspects of the system as would be done during a normal Debian installation.

I want to avoid that.  I want to just be able to generate a rootfs and 
use it (NFS, burn to flash, etc).

So now I'm evaluating ELDK to develop embedded linux applications :)

I read that ELDK is based on Fedora 7 packages.
Does that mean that the target system will be a true Fedora 7 system ?
Does that mean it requires things like perl (eg. for adduser from 
coreutils) ??
Do I have to run any kind of second-stage script on the target system to 
complete the contents of the rootfs ???

If I install ELDK _once_, can I create multiple rootfs images with 
different packages ??
eg. on the same hardware I may want to create an embedded web server 
rootfs, or a media player, or a robot controller.

They require vastly different rootfs contents for each application.
So can I create those different images from the one ELDK installation, 
or do I have to install ELDK multiple times for each project ???

Thanks, Brendan.
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