[ELDK] eldk 4.2 for all architecutres

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Apr 1 10:19:16 CEST 2009

Dear Brendan,

In message <49D2AE9A.4070904 at etrix.com.au> you wrote:
> I notice that eldk 4.2 is only available for PowerPC.

This is not correct. ELDK 4.2 is available for ARM and PowerPC.

> Is there a reason why Arm, MIPS, Sparc, images aren't available?

Yes, there is a reason - effort and customer request.

So far, ELDK has not much of an active,  contributing  community,  so
all the work that is needed to keep ELDK alife has to be performed by
DENX. Our resources are limited, and we have to define our priorities
according  to demand from our customers. As for MIPS, we have support
in ELDK 4.1; but so far there was little demand  from  our  customers
for an update to ELDK 4.2.

Same for Sparc: we cannot simply start such a port because we consider
it an interesting thing to do - somebody has to cover at least some
significant parts of the effort.

Of course we would appreciate contributions from the community, or
donations to get such work started.

> Are those architectures still supported and intended to be supported in 
> the future ???

ELDK actively supports ARM, MIPS and PowerPC, even  if  releases  for
one  or  the  other  architecture  are  delayed,  of  if  we skip one
architecture with a release (which is likely to happen with  MIPS  in
ELDK  4.2). New architectures can get added only when somebody covers
the required efforts - either by contributing  such  a  port,  or  by
paying for it.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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