[ELDK] strange behaviour when building our software with ELDK 4.2 arm toolchian

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Aug 4 13:05:15 CEST 2009

Dear Heinrich,

In message <F6726C3E89A64840A5E10310E342A38F053E374B at xchback01.back.harting.intra> you wrote:
> we are developing network communication software for an embedded arm-9
> linux platform and discovered problems
> while executing our binary build with the ELDK 4.2 arm.
> We use a ramdisk that is similar to that one shipped with the ELDK.
> Our software has a web server and a telnet server integrated that are
> not reachable. We're getting no response.

Hm... this is not exactly a detailed description of the problem.

Here a few initial questions:

- Which exact Linux kernel version are you using (git commit ID) ?

- Did you check if the problem is related to the Linux kernel or to
  the root file system?

  Did you for example try the ELDK provided ramdisk image? Is network
  working there?

  Did you try to mount the ELDK target file system over NFS? Is this

- When trying to send packets on the target, do you see the packet
  counters for the interface increasing (use "ifconfig" command to
  check) ?

- Do you see any of packets coming from the target  on  the  network?
  Did you run a sniffer (like wireshark) to verify this?

- If you try to access the target from outside (say, by pinging it
  from a host), do you see the packet counters on the target

> Our question is: 
> Are there some compiler options necessary for compiling for ARM 9 Target
> (AT91RM9200) with ELDK 4.2 or other
> konfigurations that we haven't considered?

We did not see any such behaviour in our tests. I think we should
collect more information (see questions above) before attemtping to
guess what might be wrong on your system.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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