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Dear suja Baburaj,

In message <a3b98ac10908040639l5649f859rc34dfa61a6ef245d at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I have a custom board similar to PQ2FADS and I have ported
> linux-2.6.19 available in the ELDK4.1 distribution on it.
> Now, I am to configure an SD/MMC card over SPI on the board. I found
> that the SD/MMC over SPI support is not adequate in linux-2.6.19.
> Which is the kernel version that I should use for MMC_SPI support,
> which will also build with ELDK4.1 toolchain.

Use top of tree either from the mainline  (kernel.org)  or  from  our
linux-2.6-denx  kernel  repository  (both  being  at 2.6.31-rc5 right

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