[ELDK] Ramdisk Image creation with eldk Root filesystem

Orditz, Jonathan Jonathan.Orditz at selectron.ch
Thu Dec 3 10:23:46 CET 2009

Hello All,

Sorry for my last mail with too long lines, but we migrated to outlook and it
was not configured properly (I hope the configuration is now better... but 
Outlook does not seem to really take care of other mail clients...).

My question is: I installed the ELDK and I have a directory "ppc_6xx" with a
Root Filesystem that I can start through NFS on my board. This works fine. 
Now I want to delete some unwanted packages (with the ppc_6xx-rpm utility) 
and to pack the "ppc_6xx" in a ramdisk image that I can flash on my board.

What would be the best way to do this last operation ?
- take a standard SELF ramdisk image, unpack it, copy the content of my 
"ppc_6xx" directory in it and repack it ? ( for example would the following 
package be ok for me ? I saw that ppc_6xx and ppc_82xx are 
related: ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/LinuxPPC/usr/src/SELF/images/ppc_82xx/, because I
did not found a ppc_6xx package)
- is there a way to convert directly my "ppc_6xx" directory in a ramdisk image ?

Many thanks for your help !

Best regards,

Jonathan Orditz
mailto: jonathan.orditz at selectron.ch

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