[ELDK] How to add a pre-built software and all relative libraries to the rootfs ?

Frederic Leger Frederic.Leger at esisar.grenoble-inp.fr
Fri Feb 6 22:12:56 CET 2009


I appologize, I am a new user of ELDK. I switched on because of a new
project on Xilinx PPC440. I was using previously Buildroot/Busybox on
Xilinx PPC405.

I already read your DULG carefully (I think)

Can you tell me please the easiest way to add a pre-build software (ie:
gdbserver) to the ramdisk.image.gz with all its relative libraries ?

At the moment I imagine only one method :
To add ldd and gdbserver to the ramdisk.image.gz and after booting Linux
on the target to use ldd against gdbserver to know the list of libraries
to add to the ramdisk...(or to use ftp to put ldd and the executable
together on the target...)

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

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