[ELDK] how to add library and application to target

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 10 21:50:23 CET 2009

Dear Haofeng Kou,

In message <3b09e2bf0902101218v2ac6cc80sfaba5706b6e7a832 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> Using ELDK4.2, I want to cross-build the GMediaServer(or any other
> package not included in ELDK4.2) and make it running on my PPC4xx
> target.
> Is there a procedure on how to implement this?

Please see section 3.7.2. Rebuilding Target Packages in the manual,

Please note that it's very likely that you will  have  to  ajust  the
spec file for the package you are trying to add to make it build in a
cross-development environment.

Also be aware that it is very likely that GMediaServer  will  have  a
pretty  extensive list of both build and runtime dependencies, so you
might quickly find yourself in a maze of other packages you  have  to
build first.

It may turn out to be more efficient  to  build  such  stuff  in  the
native  environment  on the target, evenif build times there are much

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