[ELDK] Problems when crosscompiling wireshark for ppc_44x

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 10 21:54:11 CET 2009

Dear H Aslam,

In message <SNT107-W60D507656C1CC0E84FB36B96BD0 at phx.gbl> you wrote:
> Ok... I was trying to include the paths for pkgconfig and glib2 etc. required by wireshark.
> Then I'm starting over again. Please add the steps I need before it works.
> I get the sources from wireshark and go into my wireshark directory.
> I do the following:
> export CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_4xx-
> PATH=$PATH:/opt/eldk/usr/bin:/opt/eldk/bin
> and try to do a ./autogen.sh. It results in errors as it needs automake and autoconf. - shouldn't they be included from eldk? 

Cross-building isa not that easy. You will most probably have to twaek
the specfiles and seed the auto-tools with the correct needed data.

> make ARCH=powerpc

Please see at least section 3.7.2. Rebuilding Target Packages in the

And keep in mind that any of these automatic build system steps that
try to guess information about the target system by running test
scripts will fail because they are runnin on the dvelopment host

Cross-building is not easy. If it was, it would not be so much effort
to build the ELDK ...

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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