[ELDK] gdbserver issues on xilinx PPC440 Virtex5FX with ELDK4.2

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Thu Feb 12 19:21:20 CET 2009

Hello Frederic,

> I am currently trying to get a gdbserver working on a xilinx PPC440
> V5FX30T board.
> I have experienced immediate good results on the PPC405 on xilinx V4FX12.


> Problem is: gdbserver crashes when gdb (HOST) is trying to run or continue
> with breakpoints.

While I cannot say too much here, I would strongly suggest that you post
more details on how gdbserver actually crashes.  Maybe this rings a bell
for someone.

> Only one time, surprizingly, I got a full run and normal exit (no
> breakpoints) under gdbserver.

This makes me nervous.  Non-deterministic behaviour either points to
unstable hardware to test-conditions not fully under control, i.e. some
parameters in the system change that may seem unlinked at first.  I
would try to research here a little bit more - and write a logbook for
yourself of the tests.  Usually this turns out to be worth *a lot* when
new insights can be used to re-classify the old tests and vice versa
those tests can be used to test new insights.


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