[ELDK] function equivalent to the "system" in kernel space

Jean-Loup Sabatier Jean-Loup.Sabatier at jdsu.com
Fri Feb 13 11:13:15 CET 2009

Good morning all,

Cláudia, I'll second Detlev here: a driver is really not the place to run an install script, it's not the proper way to do it and it's guaranteed to bring you into troubles.

Maybe you want to put it in an install bash script executed once on your computer? Maybe you want to check that the software is there during an init script (e.g.: in /etc/init.d/... scripts and do the commands when needed)?

I'd recommend the reading of the O'Reilly's "Linux Device Drivers" to try and follow a simple way of implementing the driver, the simplest way being often the most efficient:


Just my two cents on the subject,


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