[ELDK] gdbserver issues on xilinx PPC440 Virtex5FX with ELDK4.2

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 24 12:59:30 CET 2009

Dear Frederic,

In message <001501c99657$84e45f10$3e0414ac at esisar.inpg.fr> you wrote:
> Just to tell you that I used ELDK4.1-UCLIBC with 2.6.27-rc9 with same crazy
> behaviour.
> I also used latest stable Buildroot 2009.02 with GCC4.3.2, latest uclibc
> etc... Etc... With kernel 2.6.28 from xilinx git tree : same result, GDB on
> the target is crashing after setting a break point and "continue".

The "GCC4.3.2, latest uclibc" part scares me.

You mean you are NOT using the ELDK provided target environment, which
- among other things - contains the libraries that were used to
  configure and build GDB abd gdbserver for the target?

> The problem exists with the GDB on the target, and by extension with


Please try:

1) using a *clean* ELDK root file system environment, i. e. ONLY the
   tools and libraries that come with the ELDK.

2) use a glibc based invironment instead of uclibc (which  is  always
   good  for  some  nasty surprises, without compensating this by any
   significant benefits).

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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