[ELDK] Rebuilding ELDK-4.1-uclibc with IPv6 support

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 26 00:15:23 CET 2009

Dear "J.T. Conklin",

In message <6c5c8a400902241808q31b553a7ya9ee88c5d61d3087 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> ELDK_BUILD failed downloading the SRPMS.  I discovered that Red
> Hat/Fedora Project has changed the location, and with the following
> change to the ELDK_BUILD script, I was able to download most of them:
> Unfortunately, the following SRPMS were not found:
>     httpd-2.0.54-10.2.src.rpm
>     libtool-1.5.16.multilib2-2.src.rpm
>     module-init-tools-3.1-4.src.rpm
>     nfs-utils-1.0.7-12.FC4.src.rpm
>     pam-0.79-9.5.src.rpm
>     procps-3.2.5-6.3.src.rpm
>     rpm-4.4.1-22.src.rpm
>     tar-1.15.1-10.FC4.src.rpm
>     util-linux-2.12p-9.12.src.rpm

Yes, this is a nasty problem with Fedora, that update RPMs disappear
when they get obsoleted by later versions. Starting with ELDK 4.2 we
therefor provide the SRPMs in a git repository so this will not happen

> Do you know of a place where these are still archived/available? I
> haven't had much luck so far.

Let me know if this should turn out to be a real problem, and I will
upload the missing parts to our server.

> I even tried checking out the SRPM git repository, but it doesn't seem
> to have a ELDK_4_1 tag/branch.

Sorry - this repository was only created after we learned that lesson,

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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