[ELDK] Problem on boot on MPEC8544

António Silva silva.antonio at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 22:24:11 CEST 2010

Hi, I've been having some problems on booting a MPC8544 processor.
I am using the latest release of u-boot and I am using mpc8544ds board
as reference for my board.

I have traced step-by-step the booting process and I found an
instruction that halt's the CPU.

I've placed u-boot on address 0xfff8 0000 (the last 512K of my flash).

As soon as I connect with BDI I see tha tthe CPU is at address 0xffff fffc.

   Target CPU        : MPC85xx (e500v2 rev.2)
   Core state        : halted
   Debug entry cause : COP halt
   Current PC        : 0xfffffffc
   Current CR        : 0x00000000
   Current MSR       : 0x00000000
   Current LR        : 0x00000000
   Current CCSRBAR   : 0x0_e0000000

As we single-step execution we verify that the next instruction to be
executed is at address 0xfffff000.
Continuing we realize that the system is halted at address 0xfffff130
with the following report:
   Core state        : halted
   Debug entry cause : COP halt
   Current PC        : 0xfffff130
   Current CR        : 0x0105941c
   Current MSR       : 0x01064744
   Current LR        : 0x00021f3a
   Current CCSRBAR   : 0x0_e0000000
# PPC: timeout while waiting for halt

Does anyone have any ideia of what this may be?
I may provide other significant files.

Thanks in advance,


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