[ELDK] How does eldk create a rootfs?

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Mon Jun 21 12:18:40 CEST 2010

Johan wrote:

> Ok,
> I got the impression that I would start with a empty dir
> and then added just the few rpm:s that I need.

Yes, you start with the SELF package and then you add only what you need.

> But it is quite the opposite,
> you start with "everything"  and then you remove 95-99%
> (since I plan to use it on a small embedded platform).
> And the rootfs is in /opt/eldk/armVFP/,

No, that is not true. As I said, the rootfilesystem under
/opt/eldk/armVFP/ allows you to mount it over NFS, and it has plenty of
tools for development. It is normally not suitable for target, except
you have a very big storage...

On your target, you start from the SELF package as reported in the
documentation. Exactly starting from an empty directory and fill it to
obtain your root filesystem.
And if you use RFSB, a lot of work is done for you...

> and the fact that it is 1Gb is correct.

As you see, this root filesystem contains a lot of files you *surely*
don't need: header files, documentation, and so on. You use it only for
development, but you have to build your own filesystem to match your
target's needs.

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