[ELDK] How does eldk create a rootfs?

Johan eldk at fun-tech.se
Mon Jun 21 12:05:22 CEST 2010


>> My problem is probably that I don't really understand the idea behind
>> the eldk-rpm,
>> I got the impression that the eldk-rpm will "install files onto my rootfs".
>> But that don't seem to be the case.
> Eldk installation process installs files in a rootfilesystem, that can
> be mounted over NFS. However, during ELDK installation all RPMs are
> installed and the Filesystem is very large. For example, you can even
> use native compilation on your target, and surely you do not need gcc,
> header files, and so on in the final product: you need only a few of the
> files you can use on the development system, and you must decide how
> they match with your target's resources (RAM/FLASH).
> Best regards,
> Stefano Babic

I got the impression that I would start with a empty dir
and then added just the few rpm:s that I need.

But it is quite the opposite,
you start with "everything"  and then you remove 95-99%
(since I plan to use it on a small embedded platform).

And the rootfs is in /opt/eldk/armVFP/,
and the fact that it is 1Gb is correct.


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