[ELDK] MC852T upgrade

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Mon Nov 22 12:21:03 CET 2010

Hi Levend,

> Thanks for your reply. When we started our project, we had two choices
> 2.4 and 2.6.  Mainly our choice is based on your post about the
> comparison of these two kernels.  You strongly recommended 2.4 for
> embedded systems at that time.

Times change.  In the fast moving world of software even more so.

> I just wonder. Are your points still valid for the comparison of these
> two kernels or 2.6 kernel became a better kernel for embedded ?

The raised points are still valid.  On the other hands, new designs use
more powerful hardware where they do not weigh as much as on the low-end
8xx style hardware.  Especially for the 83xx hardware I do not expect a
big performance overhead of "a 2.4 infrastructure" compared to a "2.6
infrastructure".  But from the software support view, porting 83xx
support into the long dead 2.4 kernel would be very expensive, error
prone and a maintenance nightmare.

> I mean do you still recommend 2.4 for embedded system for today ?

Not for any new systems, no.  Even if you had a choice for a
specific hardware because it was supported in either 2.4 and 2.6
(i.e. 8xx) we would suggest using 2.6 nowadays.  Basing any new project
on 2.4 is very likely wasting efforts.

Best wishes

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