[ELDK] MPC5200 FEC Network Adapter is not initialized

Peter Kuennemann@itb itb.pkue at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 26 14:42:35 CET 2010

i have successfully got a lite5200b board up and running with
uBoot and linux kernel including JFFS and squashfs
file systems in flash. It boots with no problem but I am unable
to use the network adapter (FEC ETHERNET) from within linux.

If I initialize the NIC from uBoot by issuing a NTP command prior
to the bootm, the network adapter is working.

So I assume that there is somewhere some initialisation code
missing. I have searched all the sources that I think would be
appropriate but I did not find any trace of FEC initialisation.

I use the lite5200b.dts file unmodified from the linux source
path. The ethernet adapter is defined there as:

ethernet at 3000 {
     compatible = "fsl,mpc5200b-fec","fsl,mpc5200-fec";
      reg = <0x3000 0x400>;
      local-mac-address = [ 40 00 1f 00 00 01 ];
      interrupts = <2 5 0>;
      phy-handle = <&phy0>;

Where and how should I initialize the FEC adapter in the
linux kernel initialisation. As already said, I have checked
in /powerpc/platforms/lite5200.c and mpc52*.c but with
no success.

Any hints would be very much appreciated.


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