[ELDK] Problem of PPC405EX ethernet in MII mode instead of RGMII

噜斯卡 孙 sxb203 at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Sep 6 13:30:26 CEST 2010


Dear Madam/SIr:    I'm bringing up a board that is similar to a Kilauea but with a
Micrel KSZ8041 ethernet phy. We've wired the phy up for MII mode. Now I've got linux running on the board.I've defined that CONFIG_MII=y in my kernel config.And I modified the EMAC0 int kilauea.dts like:EMAC0: ethernet at ef600900 {
    linux,network-index = <0x0>;
    device_type = "network";
    compatible = "ibm,emac-405ex", "ibm,emac4sync";
    interrupt-parent = <&EMAC0>;
    interrupts = <0x0 0x1>;
    #interrupt-cells = <1>;
    #address-cells = <0>;
    #size-cells = <0>;
    interrupt-map = </*Status*/ 0x0 &UIC0 0x18 0x4
      /*Wake*/  0x1 &UIC1 0x1d 0x4>;
    reg = <0xef600900 0x000000c4>;
    local-mac-address = [000000000000]; /* Filled in by U-Boot */
    mal-device = <&MAL0>;
    mal-tx-channel = <0>;
    mal-rx-channel = <0>;
    cell-index = <0>;
    max-frame-size = <9000>;
    rx-fifo-size = <4096>;
    tx-fifo-size = <2048>;
    phy-mode = "mii";
    phy-address = <1>;
    has-new-stacr-staopc;But the ethernet did not work yet.Here's a snippet from the kernel log:

~ # grep MII /var/log/messages 
Dec 31 18:00:09 kilauea user.warn kernel: eth0: found Generic MII PHY (0x01)It like that kernel awared phy. But ethernet didn't work. When I connect the board to my PC through ethernet, the console print "eth0: link is up, 100 FDX, pause enabled
eth0: link is down" ceaselessly.Now I don't really know the right way to attack
this.  Can someone point me in the right direction?Thanks.Sun Xubin  


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