[ELDK] /root/ppc_4xx/usr/local/xenomai/kbuild/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh: line 405: patch: command not found

lingareddy lingareddy at alfaelectronics.in
Wed Aug 31 13:57:23 CEST 2011

Dear sir,


I am trying to install ELDK 4.2  in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS  in order develop
U-boot for our customized board consists of PPC440EP processor .


For   installing ELDK 4.2   I have downloaded   ppc-2008-04-01_amcc .iso
image  and burned into a CD 


These steps i am  following to install ELDK in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS   VI


#mkdir eldk4.2

#cd eldk

#/media/ ppc-2008-04-01_amcc .iso /install 


And asking to install eldk   y/n ?   y


Some installation going on after that I am getting the following error  and
terminating the installation  



Configuring Xenomai kernel...

  CLEAN   /root/ppc_4xx/usr/src/linux-2.6.24-xenomai

  CLEAN   .tmp_versions

  CLEAN   .tmp_gas_check

  CLEAN   scripts/kconfig

  CLEAN   scripts/mod

  CLEAN   include/config

  CLEAN   .config include/asm include/linux/autoconf.h
include/linux/version.h include/linux/utsrelease.h

/root/ppc_4xx/usr/local/xenomai/kbuild/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh: line 405:
patch: command not found

prepare-kernel.sh: Unable to patch kernel with

error: %post(xenomai-ppc_4xx-2.4.2-1.ppc) scriptlet failed, exit status 2



what could be the reason for above error  and how to rectify it .


please help me out how to install successfully  



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