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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 30 20:01:06 CEST 2011

Dear Luigi,

In message <28EC12D487C391468508F50C4A67A23901BE77FC2671 at ermes.algorab.eu> you wrote:
> I'm interested in developing a standalone application.
> I have upgraded my system  with u-boot 2010.09 and ELDK 4.2, and I'm able
> to build and run the "hello world" example as shown in DULG.

Your question would be more ap[propriate on the U-Boot mailing list
(see http://lists.denx.de/mailman/listinfo/u-boot); it is not really
related to the ELDK.

> There is some more documentation about standalone application?

I'm sorry, but there is not.

> In particular I would like to use also the Ethernet interface,  there's a
> specific example about this?

That's not really supported, and this is intentional.  You may have
noticed that stanalone applications in U-Boot are an explicit
exception from the GPL licensing of the code, allowing you to load and
run proprietary applications in such a context.  But U-Boot offers
only little help with that - see the exported list of functions.  This
is intended to be just sufficient to conveniently get your code
running, but any device drivers you may need, or other complex
functionality, has to be provided by yourself.

The philosophy behind that is simple:

If you want to use the full functionality of U-Boot, then just link
your code with U-Boot, and release it under GPL.

If you don't want to license your code under GPL, then don't use the
GPLed code in U-Boot, and write all your code yourself.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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