[ELDK] segmentation fault on powerpc gdb

Matteo Facchinetti matteo.facchinetti at sirius-es.it
Mon Jul 29 13:37:14 CEST 2013

On 07/26/2013 03:27 PM, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Matteo,
> In message <51F26B37.4050707 at sirius-es.it> you wrote:
>> I'm using eldk-5.3, but I encounter a strange behavior when I use gdb.
>> While I'm debugging, gdb exit with segfault when I try to step into a
>> libc function like "printf" or "memset".
>> Instead of step into, if I use step over, debugger continue to works as
>> expected.
> Did you make sure to set solib-absolute-prefix as needed? It must
> point to a directory on the host where GDB can find the versions of
> the needed libraries with debug symbols (i. e. the sysroot directory
> with installed debug packages).
> Please see also the related Yocto documentation.

I'm following yocto documentation for building (ADT manual section 4) 
and debugging (Development manual section 5.16)).
I set sysroot /opt/eldk-5.3/powerpc/sysroots/powerpc-linux in .gdbinit.
I verify that libraries are loaded as well from powerpc-linux-gdb but it 
continue to crash when I step into these functions.
I don't have libc source code installed because I don't want to debug it.
I expected that if I step into a printf function, gdb say to me that 
doesn't find source code and continue to step it the disasm code.

On target, the only customization is kernel version. I'm using 3.9.4.
Is this relevant?

Matteo Facchinetti

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