[ELDK] ld.so.1 needed by libpthread.so.0 not found

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 24 09:33:38 CET 2014

Dear Ed,

In message <016901cf18a2$6d8e13b0$48aa3b10$@att.net> you wrote:
> I have a very old project in maintenance mode, based on the IceCube board
> built upon ELDK 3.1.1.  I am trying to move the development environment to a
> new PC running SUSE Linux 3.11.6.  I installed the ELDK using the same ISO
> image and instructions that I had used many years ago.  My application
> compiled fine, but wouldn't link due to undefined references.  I found that
> even a simple empty main() program would produce these errors:

You cannot really expect to run 9 (in words: nine!) year old software
in the context of a recent operating system.  dependign on your
requirements you should chose between two options:

- Update the development environment to a recent version of the ELDK,
  that supports your (also recent) OS environment.

- Stick with the old development tools, and run it under an OS that
  was recent at the time of the release; if you prefer SuSE, then ELDK
  v3.1.1 (Release date March 2005) should behave fine with SuSE 9.x
  (release dates from Oct 2003 [SuSE 9.0] ... Apr 2005 [SuSE 9.3]).

  If needed, install a virtual machine on your development host, where
  you can then run the older SuSE distro code.  I am aware that there
  will be a performance penalty, but that will still save you lots of
  time compared to trying to get the ancient code running in a current

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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