[ELDK] ld.so.1 needed by libpthread.so.0 not found

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Fri Jan 24 15:59:55 CET 2014

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for the suggestions.  Updating to the latest ELDK for that particular project is not an option because the project is in maintenance mode.  We are obligated to do bug fixes and minor enhancements on products that have already shipped.  We have an infrastructure for easily updating the application software in the field, but not the whole kernel, ramdisk, etc..

I will pursue your other suggestion of using an older SUSE in the VM, as that is what runs in the original development hardware.

Thanks again,
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Dear Ed,

In message <016901cf18a2$6d8e13b0$48aa3b10$@att.net> you wrote:
> I have a very old project in maintenance mode, based on the IceCube 
> board built upon ELDK 3.1.1.  I am trying to move the development 
> environment to a new PC running SUSE Linux 3.11.6.  I installed the 
> ELDK using the same ISO image and instructions that I had used many 
> years ago.  My application compiled fine, but wouldn't link due to 
> undefined references.  I found that even a simple empty main() program would produce these errors:

You cannot really expect to run 9 (in words: nine!) year old software in the context of a recent operating system.  dependign on your requirements you should chose between two options:

- Update the development environment to a recent version of the ELDK,
  that supports your (also recent) OS environment.

- Stick with the old development tools, and run it under an OS that
  was recent at the time of the release; if you prefer SuSE, then ELDK
  v3.1.1 (Release date March 2005) should behave fine with SuSE 9.x
  (release dates from Oct 2003 [SuSE 9.0] ... Apr 2005 [SuSE 9.3]).

  If needed, install a virtual machine on your development host, where
  you can then run the older SuSE distro code.  I am aware that there
  will be a performance penalty, but that will still save you lots of
  time compared to trying to get the ancient code running in a current

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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