[ELDK] Unable to install ELDK-5.5

Coskun AYYILDIZ csknyyldz at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 10:59:19 CET 2015

I have an Ubuntu 12.04 host located in VmWare in Windows 7. I want to install the ELDK-5.5 for the powerpc platform but have been unsuccessful till now.
I mounted the iso file as described:
sudo mount -o loop eldk-5.5-powerpc.iso /media/cdrom
Going into the /media/cdrom folder I can see the install.sh script. Then I continue as described:
./install.sh -d /opt/eldk-5-5/ powerpc
However it gives the following error:Error: SDK image "gmae" is not available Available SDK images for target 'powerpc':<none>
However it gives the following error:Error: RFS image "minimal" is not available Available RFS images for target 'powerpc':<none>
Then I want to use 'none'  SDK image and 'none' in RFS image. So, I run the following command:
./install.sh -s - -r - -d /opt/eldk-5-5/ powerpc

This time, I get no error. But, nothing happens at all!! I see no installation starting. When I check the /opt/eldk-5-5/ folder I see it is empty.
I checked this error all over the internet but found no useful solution.
I'll be very happy if anyone could help me out with this..
Thanks in advance..

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