[ELDK] installing 5.6

K Richard Pixley rpixley at graphitesystems.com
Tue Jan 27 18:01:41 CET 2015

On 1/26/15 23:20 , Jeroen Hofstee wrote:
> Hi,
> On 01/27/15 06:42, Sergei Nikulov wrote:
>> 27 янв. 2015 г. 8:23 пользователь "K Richard Pixley" <
>> rpixley at graphitesystems.com> написал:
>>> I have a question about how installation is supposed to work.
>>> I've installed for powerpc-e500v2, using:
>>>      sudo ./install.sh -d /opt/eldk-5.6 -a i686 -s toolchain -r 
>>> "lsb-sdk
>>>      minimal-mtdutils" powerpc-e500v2
>>> (I've also tried toolchain-qte, they seem to behave the same in this
>>> regard.)
>>> And I'm trying to build a kernel using:
>>>      export PATH :=
>> /opt/eldk-5.6/powerpc-e500v2/sysroots/i686-eldk-linux/usr/bin:/opt/eldk-5.6/powerpc-e500v2/sysroots/i686-eldk-linux/usr/bin/powerpc-linux:$(PATH) 
>> Have you sourceing environment script?
>> source /opt/eldk-5.6/<you target>/environment-setup-*
> Yeah, he likely did, which is actually part of the problem.
> If I recall correctly you need to unset LDFLAGS thereafter.
> (perhaps CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS as well)
I'm not sourcing the env file.  I'll try that today but I don't expect 
it to matter.  I recognize most of those env variables and I don't 
believe they're relevant to building the kernel.  I'll try it though, 
just to be sure.

But I have little hope.  I'm duplicating a process that I already have 
working with powerpc-4xx.  But powerpc-e500v2 seems to work 
differently.  For example, in powerpc-4xx, in the env file, 
/opt/eldk-5.6/powerpc-4xx/environment-setup-ppc44e-linux I find:

    export SDKTARGETSYSROOT=/opt/eldk-5.6/powerpc-4xx/sysroots/ppc440e-linux

whereas with powerpc-e500v2, in the env file, 
/opt/eldk-5.6/powerpc-e500v2/environment-setup-ppce500v2-linux I find:


That looks to me like a string that is intended for replacement that has 
failed to be replaced.  In the environment file, it probably doesn't 
mean much.  But if there's a similar unreplaced trigger in the compiler 
or linker specs, that could be a blocker.

So... I /expect/ that sourcing the env file will cause breakage, 
although it might be a different sort of breakage since the LD 
definition depends on the value of SDKTARGETSYSROOT.



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