[ELDK] installing 5.6

K Richard Pixley rpixley at graphitesystems.com
Wed Jan 28 20:51:30 CET 2015

On 1/28/15 11:21 , Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> At least, that's the part gcc complains about.
> Not true here.  It works just fine for me.  Did you really try with my
> patch applied?
Essentially, yes.  I hand edited mine yesterday before your patch came.  
But my edit was identical to yours.

I can't reproduce it today, though.  Not sure where I got confused. I 
retract my complaint.
>> How else does an eldk-5.6 e500v2 gcc find it's libgcc.a?
> It doesn't.  The Linux kernel intentionally does not make use of
> libgcc.a but supplies it's own code.  U-Boot does the same when you
> build with CONFIG_USE_PRIVATE_LIBGCC=y; there hav ebeen too many
> compiler versions around with incompatible/incomplete/incorrect
> versions of libgcc, so we try to not depend on these in low-level
> projects like the kernel or U-Boot.
Ah!  Thanks.

You're right.  Upstream mainline linux doesn't do this.  The kernel I've 
received from elsewhere does.

I'll take it up with them too.


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