[ELDK] ELDK5.8 errors during installation

Michael Schulte michael.schulte at truetzschler.de
Wed Apr 13 14:47:07 CEST 2016


Although I am no programmer, why not trying to install ELDK5.8 on OpenSuse 13.2.
After downloading and mounting the iso image I got here:

./install.sh -d /home/sc/work/ELDK/eldk5.8 armv7a
Error: SDK image "gmae" is not available
Available SDK images for target 'armv7a':
        'toolchain', 'toolchain-qte', 'toolchain-xenomai-qte'.

The default setting for the SDK "gmae" in the install script is not
available, so I chose one of the available SDK images and got:

./install.sh -d /home/sc/work/ELDK/eldk5.8 -s toolchain-qte armv7a
*** Installing ./targets/armv7a/eldk-glibc-i686-arm-toolchain-qte-5.8.sh
into /home/sc/work/ELDK/eldk5.8/armv7a
NOTICE: superuser priviledges will be needed to install the
root file system; make sure you have sufficient permissions.
Error: Can't read rootfs tarball

First assuming a permission problem I then reviewed the install script and
found that the tarball variable isn't set properly.

		tarball=$(echo ${SRC_DIR}/targets/${target}/\

This leads to multiple files in $tarball in some cases. After correcting the
setting of variable tarball in the script I got:

./install.sh -d /home/sc/work/ELDK/eldk5.8 -s toolchain-qte armv7a
Error: RFS image "basic" is not available

There is no core_image "basic" inside /targets, so I removed "basic" from
the list RFS_KNOWN_IMAGES in the script and the installation finished

So finally my question is, do I need this core_image "basic"?


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