[tbot] [TBot] Release! Version 0.6.1

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Fri Nov 16 11:45:20 UTC 2018

Hello all!

This mail marks the "official" release of the new version of TBot.
It also marks the deprecation of the "old" version written by Heiko.

The new version is hosted on GitHub:


Documentation is available here:


I thought about writing a changelog, but there are so many changes that
I can't even list them all without missing a lot ... So if you used
Heiko's version in the past, forget everything you knew and start from
scratch, best by reading this: https://rahix.de/tbot/getting-started.html

If you are interested in the latest changes (mostly for people who
attended my talk), take a look over here:


If you have questions, suggestions, patches, bug-reports or anything else
you want me to know about, don't be afraid to send a mail to this list!
Pull-Requests and Issues on GitHub are also ok.

For discussion and support, there is also an XMPP chatroom at

	tbot at conference.rahix.de

Now, finally, for DENX internals:  As mentioned before, on our GitLab there
is a repository for our VLAB.  If you write board-configs, please add them!



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