[tbot] Release 0.6.3

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Wed Nov 28 14:14:03 UTC 2018

Hello all,

today tbot v0.6.3 is released! The major changes:

### Added
- `tbot.log.warning`: Print a warning message, similar to `message()`.
- If tbot fails to load a testcase source, it will now show the
  traceback that caused the failure, this should make development
  much easier because you don't have to guess what is wrong ...

### Changed
- Show any and all output that is received on the channel with `-vvv`.
  When debugging the boot process, it is valuable to know all data
  sent and received.
- `BoardLinuxMachine` now allows the login and password prompts to
  be clobbered.  This is the first step to solve the clobber issue.
- `BoardLinuxMachine` login now waits for the shell to respond.
  Previously, tbot just waited for a specified amount of time which
  lead to the login process sometimes failing.

### Removed
- `login_wait` config parameter from `BoardLinuxMachine`.  This "hack"
  is superseded by the more robust login implementation now.

### Fixed
- `importlib.util` needs to be manually imported on some python versions.
  Thanks Niel for stumbling upon this ;)


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