[tbot] Release 0.9.0

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Wed Mar 3 09:36:03 CET 2021


tbot version 0.9.0 is available now.  The biggest change is the
introduction of tbot "contexts".  These will hopefully smoothen the
testcase development experience and help with modelling complex scenarios
or integrating into other test frameworks.  Here is a guide:


An interesting prospect of this is integration with pytest.  As a demo
that this is archievable now, tbot's selftest have been moved to pytest.
The little glue-code that was needed can be found in


This can of course be re-used for building pytest + tbot setups for real
hardware tests!

Another addition is support for SSH connection multiplexing.  This can
speed up test-setups which use an SSH-connection to the lab-host quite
a bit.  This feature can be enabled by adding

    use_multiplexing = True

in the relevant SSH-machine's config.  Check the documentation [1] for

The full changelog is available online:


[1]: https://tbot.tools/modules/machine_connector.html#tbot.machine.connector.SSHConnector.use_multiplexing

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