[U-Boot-Users] CVS Write Access to Das U-Boot

Marius Groeger mag at sysgo.de
Mon Nov 4 15:37:46 CET 2002

Dear Wolfgang,

As the maintainer of the ARMboot project I welcome your effort to
merge the PPCboot and ARMboot sources and making them available within
the U-Boot project. Here at SYSGO, we are ready to discontinue the
ARMboot project in favour of U-Boot, if we can continue our work on
the U-Boot source tree.

Therefore I would appreciate to have CVS write access to the U-Boot's
source repository on SF.NET. Efficient Open Source development
requires working along the "Release Early, Release Often" scheme. This
is severely hampered if all updates are channelled through one person,
who might not always be available.

With the software already growing faster than we all ever thought
possible, it only makes sense to split responsibilities. For that
reason, we would like to keep our attention on the ARM portions on the
tree. Obviously, changes in the common code must be discussed first
with the maintainers, better yet, with the community.

Also, to be honest, it appears a bit rude to me to take our ARMboot
sources, and then just cut us off. It seems only natural to me that we
both continue doing what we have done all along, only with more
benefit for all of us.

Please let's keep this an _open_ project, not one where only one
member has the power.

Best Regards,

Marius Groeger           SYSGO Real-Time Solutions AG       mgroeger at sysgo.de
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