[U-Boot-Users] CVS Write Access to Das U-Boot

Marius Groeger mag at sysgo.de
Mon Nov 4 19:44:50 CET 2002

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Robert Schwebel wrote:

> Ok folks, calm down everyone. I think that we have to find a solution

Actually I'm surprisingly calm. Don't know why. :-) I must be getting
old. I was hoping not to write flames yet. Sorry if it sounded

[quite fitting analysis of status quo]

> IMHO the only reasonable way is to _start_discussion_ on a u-boot
> developers' mailing list, so that larger design decisions are done only
> after having them discussed on the list. At the moment we only have a
> users' list. I'm thinking about something like the RTAI development
> model.

Hm.. Is that really a good reference? Honestly, RTAI tends to be a
little bit chaotic from time to time. Also, I think multiple lists
tend to be confusing, and even needlessly cut off users that might
have valuable contributions to a discussion.

> Would it be a compromise when Wolfgang gives write access to Marius and
> Rob and they promise to do major changes only after having them
> discussed on the list?

Yes, and that's all that we ask for. Well, not quite all: all
maintainers have to give that promise, of course.

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