[U-Boot-Users] Linux Kernel Config 1.2 for u-boot?

Holger Schurig h.schurig at mn-logistik.de
Tue Nov 5 10:29:56 CET 2002

> Sure, why not? If it's not too big (limit is 40k) you can  even  post
> it  to  the list, so others can get check this, too. [Or I can put it
> on a FTP server, or even in the CVS.]

It's a little above 40 kB. So feel free to download


and extract it inside your u-boot dir. Then do the following

   export QTDIR=/where/is/your/qt?
   make -C tools/kconfig
   tools/kconfig/qconf config.in

(this could be integrated into the makefiles, but for now I was lazy)

The result will be a .config file that one can include in Makefiles or C 
source code. Currently it is not included anywhere, it's just created. 
However, it should give you an idea on what would be possible, even with the 
simple "config.in" files that I made.

However, lkc can ONLY handle variables with CONFIG_ at the beginning. 
Therefore I propose that --- on the long run --- some CFG_ variables get 
renamed to CONFIG_. For example, it would be very nice if one would have the 
available-command selection in "make xconfig"/"make menuconfig".

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