[U-Boot-Users] FDC patch

Pierre AUBERT p.aubert at staubli.com
Tue Nov 5 17:57:59 CET 2002

The attached patch modify the fdcboot source code to support wide
hardware designs

I needed to add some defines because :
- on some boards, the fdc registers aren't contiguous (for example they
can be aligned on a 32 bits boundary).
- the fdc chipset has a 8 bits data bus. Then, it can be connected on
the processor data bus on D0-D7 or D8-D15 or D16-D23 or D24-D31.
- the floppy drive can be on drive other than 0.
- some chipsets need extra initializations.

CFG_ISA_IO_STRIDE : defines the spacing between fdc chipset registers
(default value 1)
CFG_ISA_IO_OFFSET : defines the offset of register from address. It
depends on which part of the data bus is connected to the fdc chipset.
(default value 0)
CFG_FDC_DRIVE_NUMBER : the default drive number (default value 0)

undefined, they take their default value.

if CFG_FDC_HW_INIT is defined, then the function fdc_hw_init() is called
at the beginning of the fdc setup. The function
fdc_hw_init must be provided by the board source code. It is used to
make hardware dependant initializations.

* Patch by Pierre Aubert , 05 Nov 2002
  Hardware relative improvments in fdc booting

Best regards

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