[U-Boot-Users] i386 port of ppcboot

Daniel Engström daniel at omicron.se
Tue Nov 12 17:49:58 CET 2002

Hello all,

I have made a preliminary port of ppcboot to i386 processors.
The code runs on a AMD SC520 CDP (AMD reference design for the SC520 486
system on a chip device) and boots a linux kernel to promt from the on 
I am in the process of making a patch file and finding some web-spece to 
it on, I will announce when the patch is availabe on the web.
If anyone wants to see it right now, you can email me and ask for the patch
(~38kb compressed).

The code is based on a ppcboot cvs-snapshot from October 28, but I intend 
move to U-boot as soon as I have pulished the first version.


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