[U-Boot-Users] autoscript?

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Fri Nov 29 13:24:15 CET 2002


> But _using_ such  a  MFI  is  a  different  issue.  So  far,  PPCBoot
> understands  only one format of MFIs, which consist of a Linux kernel
> image as the first part and a ramdisk image as the second part.  This
> is being handled buy the "bootm" command.
> So far, there is no other support for MFIs.
> > How is the syntax within the script?
> A script is a text file containing commands. The syntax is  the  same
> as  on the command line interface. Actually this is what happens: the
> script will be passed to the command line interpreter, line by line.

So when I tftpbooted the script to 0x100000 I shouldn't download the data to the
same address since this would overwrite the srcipt so ppcboot fails to pass the
next line to the command line interpreter!

Is that right?


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