[U-Boot-Users] how to build and work with FADS862T?

Masayuki Takagiwa takagiwa at tokyo.etna.co.jp
Tue Apr 1 04:02:58 CEST 2003


It doesn't start though it is trying to use U-boat on the FADS862T at
Will there be a wrong point about the way of building it?
Or, is it wrong from building of the environment?

My environment is as the following.

PC : VMware 3.2.0
OS : RedHat Linux 8.0 (with Japanese support)
gcc etc. : ELDK 2.0.2
U-Boot 0.2.0 released (CVS isn't being used.)
Debug interface : BDI2000

It does as the following on this, and it is being built.

# export CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_8xx-
# make clean
# make FADS860T_config
# make all

The S-file which it could get in this more is being written via the BDI2000.
A .cfg file uses the attached one for ADS860 for the adapter.

Warning and an error were only warning by the start.S here.

It is written in the IMMR register, and it is a place to jump to
and an exception seems to occur.
Only, action seems to vary according to the setup of the break point,
and a cause can't be grasped.

Incidentally, it seemed that the binary of the source written in the
FlashROM was correct.
To the point which it jumped, though it isn't being followed,

Won't I be able to accept anyone advice?

# This mail changes with a translation machine from Japanese.
  There may be a sentence which is hard to read.


Masayuki Takagiwa @ ETNA corp.
takagiwa at tokyo.etna.co.jp

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