[U-Boot-Users] SMC driver problem

Robert Kaiser rob at sysgo.de
Tue Apr 1 10:07:17 CEST 2003

Am Montag, 31. März 2003 19:44 schrieb Robert Schwebel:
> I've just tried to track down the SMSC driver problem which was recently
> reported on this list. After the MMU allocates a block for a sent packet
> in smc_send_packet() there is a FIXME comment in the sourcecode:
> - when I add puts("x"); after this comment it works.
> - when I remove it it hangs.
> - when I add the content of the putx() function (the register
>   operations) to the same location it hangs.
> - when I add a function containing the register operation and call this
>   function after the comment it hangs.
> - when I add a function which calls the function from the last step it
>   works - this is the same constellation as with the puts() call.
> All this looks like some kind of a memory management or stack problem
> for me;..

Either that or timing.

Could you try to replace the puts("x") with a sufficiently long delay ?


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