[U-Boot-Users] parallel FLASH

Erwin Rol erwin at muffin.org
Wed Apr 2 10:29:50 CEST 2003

Hey all,

I have a MPC860T board which can have one or two FLASH chips on it. When
one FLASH chip is on it it is used in 16bit mode, if two FLASH chips are
present it is used in 32 bit mode ( 2 * 16bit FLASH chips in parallel ).
The initial chip select is set by a hardware jumper with the reset-word.

U-Boot only allows on setup for BR0/OR0 and resets the bus width, so i
hacked the chip select initialization part to not reset the bus width.
The question is should u-boot not all ways leave the bus width of CS0
alone ? 

An other thing that happens is that i didn't really find a generic way
to do flash programming. All boards seem to have their own (copied from
each other) flash routines. Would it be possible to have more generic
FLASH routines, and for example have a config option to select which
FLASH chips are possible (to maybe save space)? 

- Erwin

              Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Rol - Software Engineering
tel: +49-(0)8024-479377  gsm: +49-(0)171-6929198 fax: +49-(0)8024-479379
                        email: erwin at muffin.org
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