[U-Boot-Users] Compiler works! Yahoo! and now conf My for my Own PrPMC...

Stephan Linz linz at mazet.de
Wed Apr 2 15:04:12 CEST 2003

Am Mittwoch,  2. April 2003 15:16 schrieben Sie:
> Hello,
> Today I've fixed two major things:
> - installed ELDK @Suse Linux 8.1
> - compiled U-Boot for BAB7xx board
> Some questions are left:
> -	make (command)
> 	Is this a standard Linux/Unix command?

Yes, it's one of the oldest toolsets to build binaries from a set of sources. 
GNU Make is more extensive than classic UN*X make.

> How does it know which GNU Compiler
> to use?

There is an environment vatiable named CC. For GNU Make the default value is 

> -	make all (command)
> 	What does it do? According to which paramters and which files?

All the stuf behind the target "all" inside your Makefile.

> -	Can a make a script file to set the compiler parameters like:
> 	export CROSS_COMPILE = ppc_74xx-

It hase to set in your Makefile or the environment that make will run.

> -	What is BASH$

???? I expect you mean $BASH ????

It's an environment vatiable too.

You should read some open documents, howtos and faqs about GNU Tool Chain and 
UN*X shell programming. See http://www.linuxdoc.org

> -	Where should I start to make a suitable U-Boot configuration for my own
> PrPMC Board:
> 	- MPC7410
> 	- Marvell Galileo GT-64260
> 	- 2MB Cache
> 	- 8MB Flash memory
> 	- 64MB SDRAM
> 	- One ehternet port connected (on P14 of the PMC)
> -	Is there a pre-defined configuration which looks like this configuration?

I don't know abot, sorry.

Best regards.
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