[U-Boot-Users] parallel FLASH

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Apr 2 18:44:57 CEST 2003

Hi Erwin,

in message <1049282647.27232.70.camel at drake.erwin.muffin.org> you wrote:
> Well in cpu/mpc8xx/cpu_init.c br0 and or0 are always set to
> CFG_BR0_PRELIM and CFG_OR0_PRELIM. So if the bus width is set to 16 in
> CFG_BR0_PRELIM my board will not run when it is a dual-FLASH version,
> and when i set it to 32 bit it won't run when its a single-FLASH
> version. And i don't want to make two different bootloaders, since that
> flash configuration is the only difference. So what i did was just
> masking out the BR_PS_MSK to keep those the same as they where on reset,
> and that works fine. 

I see. You should be able to use something like this in such a case:

#define	CFG_BR0_PRELIM ((memctl->memc_br0 & BR_PS_MSK) | your_other_bits)

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