[U-Boot-Users] How to get the board's detail?

Marius Groeger mag at sysgo.de
Fri Apr 4 09:06:59 CEST 2003

Dear hotmail :-),

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, hotmail wrote:

> Hi,
>     I know when I want to port u-boot to a new board,I can find a similar
> board in u-boot and modify it to my new board.But how I know which board is
> similar with my new board?e.g.POWERPC and SDRAM's pins connection.

Well, the CPU type is defined in a board's config file, eg. like this:

/* The 855T is just a stripped 860T and needs code for 860, so for now
 * at least define 860, 860T and 855T
#define CONFIG_MPC860           1
#define CONFIG_MPC860T          1
#define CONFIG_MPC855T          1

As for the SDRAM (and all the other resources attached to the memory
controller): this is typically the part where you have to apply your
modifications. I recommend you begin by looking at a board configuration
file that at least has the right CPU. Then try to understand what all the
defines do (there is a lot of documentation included with u-boot). Try to
relate your knowledge with other configurations - maybe you find a more
suitable one on the way.

This will take a lot of time. If you're short on that resource, you can
always hire a guru.


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