[U-Boot-Users] u-boot ...bootup warning bad crc

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Fri Apr 4 17:46:31 CEST 2003

When U-Boot hangs at this point (or later) it is usually a sign that the
memory map is incorrect and U-Boot is trying to access memory that doesn't
exist (be it Flash or RAM)

Make sure all memory sizes are correct, and on the correct chip-selects.

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On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Jerry Van Baren wrote:

> The Keys to the Kingdom
> -----------------------
> Step 1:
>    less README
> Step 2:
>    find . -name "*.[ch]" -exec grep "Warning - bad CRC, using default
> environment" \{\} \; -print

You may find xargs(1) interesting in this context.

> Using the Keys, you will discover it is a warning caused by the fact that
> the environment variable space is invalid and the command "saveenv" will
> fix it.

I think the OP is not (yet) able to type in any input. According to
his problem report, the box just hangs. Unfortunately, I have no real
advice to dispense, either...

> >FADS823
> >but with the following problem:
> >As soon as i reset,  the output is as follows and it hangs.....plz. help
me in
> >this regards...


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